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MRS MY `21 Trinkflaschen-Set für MRS, MR-S12,450ml

XLC MRS MY `21 Trinkflaschen-Set für MRS, MR-S12,450ml

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XLC MRS TheBottle Set MR-S12 MY `21 The ModularRailSystem makes it easy to mount different parts to the  bike quickly. Inside of the down tube, a mounting rail is integrated on which it is possible to mount e.g. a bottle or a bag on a freely chosen position. The magnetic mounting system of FidLock ensures secure hold and easy handling. Bottle Only for Haibike/Winora/Koga models MY `21 with ModularRailSystem • Food-safe; BPA and phtahalat-free • Dishwasher-safe • Large opening for easy cleaning • Pull spout • Incl. Fidlock MRS adapter and mounting material • including strap for storage some nutriotion, multitool or anythingelse